Like for fucks sake who steals someone elses knickers?

Someone in my house has stolen 3 pairs of my nice knickers and I’m really upset about it. Gross.

So happy, after a lot of stress with Halifax and Santander, Natwest have given me a student account with an overdraft which has solved all my problems. I am very aware of the fact I am now £1000 more in debt than I was, but my tax wasn’t refunded in my pay despite the tax office saying it would, so I still owe Marco £600 on top of having the rest of Rome to pay off. I had to pay everything off this month (£1800 including my phone contract and money I owe everyone), and I was so skint it’s unbelievable. It does mean I have to use £800 of the overdraft straight away but I can pay £600 of that back next month, and I have no intentions of ever maxing it. I’ve been really organised and written a table consisting of my incomings and outgoings each month, and I can afford to keep paying off the overdraft plus put money into my savings, and have an okay living. I am so relieved, I’ve been so stressed and now I feel like everything is that bit easier.

Had the most wonderful weekend with Marco and the dogs. Our cottage was gorgeous in a place called Middleton-on-Youlgrave and there were just cows and sheep and fields for miles. We took the dogs all over and it was so lovely. Yesterday was by far my favourite- we took the dogs for an hour in the fields by the cottage and then we left them at home and drove into Castleton. We went to Peak Tavern and found a gorgeous peak right at the top where we sat and had a picnic and just talked for ages, and then walked back down, went to the pub, and then spent the evening watching Indecent Proposal and snuggled up and it was lovely. Yesterday I genuinely felt happier than I have in a very long time; I wanted to get away from everything, and right in that moment where we were just sat at the top, laughing, I’d have stayed in that moment for a very long time.

Sat outside our cottage we’ve hired for the weekend in the Peak District smoking and the sky is so clear and starry and there’s just landscape for miles and it’s truly so beautiful.

I’ve returned to Peterborough and Marco was so pleased to see me so now I’m happy, and it was amazing to have a shower that was so powerful and not just a trickle on my head.


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We are having a house party tonight and deciding what to wear is becoming a huge issue for me and I just do not know.